Fly Rods For Rainbow Trout


The best fly rods for rainbow trout depend greatly on the rods flexibility.

Fly fisherman love to fish for rainbow trout because it truly allows the angler to present their best flies in their boxes to the most discerning of the trout species.

In addition, fly fishing for rainbow trout allows an angler to experience a tough fight even when using a lighter weight fly rod.

For experienced anglers, catching a rainbow trout on  a 3wt fly rod means feeling every movement of the fish and having to sharpen their skills as an angler.

Rainbow Trout vary in size based on location.

Rainbow Trout fly rods can be built in various sizes from 3wt to 6wts. It is important to determine the average size of Rainbow Trout you will be fishing for as well as desirable weight.

The ideal fly rod weight for Rainbow Trout is ultimately going depend on the angler. If you are unsure, ask us.  We can discuss your skill level, location you plan on fishing, etc., a little more in depth to give you a solid recommendation.


Specifications for the best Rainbow Trout fly rods


The best fly rods for rainbow trout should fall within these following specifications:

  • Weight: 3 – 6
  • Length: 8’6″ – 9’6″
  • Action: Medium to Fast
  • Pieces: 4

The lighter weight rainbow trout fly rod the more experienced angler you should be. Catching a rainbow trout on a 3wt fly rod is an amazing experience but is not appropriate for every sized rainbow trout nor every angler.


Best Rainbow Trout Fly Rods by Brand

A list of the top fly rods for Rainbow Trout by brand name:

  • SAGE– since its beginnings in 1980, Sage has earned a solid reputation for world renowned fly rods. Sage fly rods have earned them over 75 world records.
  • THOMAS & THOMAS – a fly rod that is truly presidential. So much so that President Reagan purchased these rods to “gift” to another dignitaries. Fishing with a Thomas & Thomas fly rod can be very addicting.
  • St.Croix– starting their company in 1948, St. Croix has had years to perfect their ability to make an outstanding fly fishing rod.  They are medium priced, hold a good warranty and are resilient.
  • G. Loomis / TFO – Loomis is a fierce competitor in the world of fly fishing with approximately 24 world record titles. TFO recently acquired the assistance of Mr. George Loomis to help build fly rods at extremely reasonable prices.
  • ORVIS – more than just a wader store. Orvis has a solid reputation from Field & Stream for their quality built fly rods. Their fly rods are showcased best with their lighter weight fly rods (3wt – 6 wt).

Best Rainbow Trout fly rods by model

Rainbow Trout Fly Rods come in a variety of weights to suit the anglers preferences ranging from 3wt to 8wt.  Fly fishing is showcased at its best when it comes to fishing for Rainbow Trout. There are a variety of fly rods to use when fishing for rainbow trout .


Sage Rainbow Trout fly rods

The best SAGE fly rods for Rainbow Trout by model:

VXP Series: Slender in physique, this rainbow trout fly rod is ultra light weight and consistently smooth in its performance.  The Sage VXP fly rod is ideal for anglers of every skill level to include beginners.  ($524.00 USD)

One Series: The Sage One fly rod is the best all-around fly rod that Sage makes in our opinion. It is very versatile with dead-on accuracy.  This fly rod is ideal for experienced anglers and anglers aspiring casters.  ($730.00 USD)

TCX Series: This fly rod is designed for high performance. Designed to redefine this anglers ability to cast this fly rod will impress all on-lookers.  ($816.00 USD)

Thomas and Thomas Rainbow Trout Fly Rods

The best Thomas and Thomas fly rods for Rainbow Trout by model:

Helix Series: The Helix model is known for its ability to withstand the toughest of conditions as a sturdy, medium-action fly rod. Experienced anglers enjoy the Helix’s ability to soften of the taper. ($650.00 USD)

Vector Series: the Vector has a reputation for being a power house and is designed for anglers who like to fish with a 3 piece fly rod.  Don’t let its sturdy disposition fool you – this casts with blinding speed. ($720.00 USD)

Paradigm Series: Set to be an example for the most elite and discriminating anglers… the Paradigm lives up to its reputation. This fly rod is best for anglers who delights in the art of presenting flies to the pickiest of trout. ($980.00 USD)

St. Croix Rainbow Trout Fly Rods

The best St. Croix Fly rods for Rainbow Trout by model:

SCIII Series: Moderate to Fast Action this fly rod is known for its vigor and high response. This fly rod loads progressively down. The St. Croix SCIII is great for a variety of trout fishing conditions. ($380.00 USD)

SCV Series: Slim ferrules, high modulus… the SCV fly rod is a sharp looking blank. The SCV models also added graphite to the lower end of the fly rod to add power and strength. ($600.00 USD)

Legend Elite: The designers of the Legend Elite fly rod had one place in mind when they designed this fly rod… Alaska.  The Legend Elite captures the strength, superiority and beauty of the Last Frontier. ($480.00 USD)

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