King Salmon and Their Habitats


As the name suggests, the King Salmon or “Chinook” salmon are the largest salmon in this species.

The largest salmon ever caught weighed in at 126 lbs and was caught in a fish wheel in Petersburg, Alaska in 1947.  The largest sport King Salmon ever caught weighed in at 97 lbs and was caught on the Kenai River in Alaska in 1985.

Adult King Salmon generally range from 25 – 50 lbs in weight.

Alaskan King Salmon generally range from 25 – 80 lbs in weight.

Chinook are native to the North Pacific Ocean and the river systems of western North America ranging from California to Alaska. They are also native to Asian rivers ranging from northern Japan to the Palvavaam River in the Siberian far east.

The King Salmon is the most prized species to catch for the sport angler. Their meat is high in Omega-3 acids and are an excellent addition to anyones diet.





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