King Salmon fly rods

Bow to the King!

King Salmon fishing is exhilarating beyond belief and perhaps the most intense salmon fight that one can endure using a fly rod.

Fly fishing for Salmon is about patience and having the right fly rod.

There are several attributes to determine what the right fly rod for King Salmon Fishing.

Fishing for Alaskan King Salmon requires having the right equipment.  The best fly rod for King Salmon fishing means that it is going to have certain components and features that your average fly rod will not have.


Specifications for the best King Salmon fly rods

Recommended features for the best fly rod for King Salmon Fishing:

  • 10 wt – 12 wt Fly Rod for King Salmon
  • Strong Fighting Butt for King Salmon
  • Fast Taper
  • Sinking Tip / Line
  • Premium Cork
  • Reputable Brand Name

There are several fly rods that will do well when fishing for king salmon all of which vary in price.  Below are some of the best fly rods for the price.

When it comes to fighting to mighty King Salmon we always recommend adding the fighting butt to the end of the fly rod. When choosing the right fly rod for fishing King Salmon make sure that you keep this in mind.

Best Fly rod for King Salmon by brand name

A list of the top fly rods for King Salmon by brand name:

  • SAGE– since its beginnings in 1980, Sage has earned a solid reputation for world renowned fly rods. Sage fly rods have earned them over 75 world records
  • St.Croix– starting their company in 1948, St. Croix has had years to perfect their ability to make an outstanding fishing rod.
  • THOMAS & THOMAS – a fly rod that is truly presidential. So much so that President Reagan purchased these rods to “gift” to another dignitaries


The best fly rod for King Salmon by model


Sage King salmon fly rods

The best Sage Salmon Fly Rod Models for King Salmon are listed below.

One Series: If you have no other Sage fly rods in your possession – let this be the One. Sage has designed this fly rod to be the best all-around fly rod in their collection. This is a Fast Action Fly Rod. ($728.00 USD)

Method Series: Designed for expert casters to figuratively punch through the windiest of conditions and delivery the bulkiest of flies. ($810.00 USD)

St. Croix King Salmon Fly Rods

The best St. Croix Fly Rod Models for King Salmon are listed below:

SCIV/SCII Series:  designed to come in a rich burgundy color as well as a fun fuchsia this fly rod is entertaining but don’t mistake its looks for a lack of power. This fly rod is light weight and fast action.  ($360.00 USD)

SCV/Nsi Resin Graphite Series: Featuring IPC and ART technology, the SCV series fly rods are designed to have reduced weight and reinforced power. Super high modules and known for its sensitivity, this fly rod is a “life time” purchase. ($640.00 USD)


Thomas and Thomas King Salmon Fly Rods

The best Thomas & Thomas Fly Rod Models for King Salmon are listed below:

Helix Series: This fly rod is built for extremities and fishing in the most brutal conditions. They load and cast with a short line. This is a medium to fast action fly rod. Ranging in length from 9′ to 10′ this is a great fly rod for anglers who fish in primary windy conditions. ($690.00 USD)

Horizon II Series: Said to be aligned with laser accuracy, this fly rod transfers your energy from wrist to tip. Excellent for tight loops and distance casting. This fly rod is said to be so well designed it is intuitive to the anglers needs allowing the angler to physically feel when to release. This fly rod only comes in two lengths 8′ 6″ and 9′.  ($680.00 USD)

Our top selling king salmon fly rods

When you are fishing for King Salmon remember that, King Salmon lay low in the rivers and are difficult to catch on a fly rod.

Difficult – not impossible.

Once you’ve hooked into a King Salmon, hold on because you’re in for the fresh water fight of your life.  It isn’t uncommon to spend 30 minutes or more landing a King Salmon and if you are catching a King Salmon on your fly rod it is going to take finesse.

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Fly Fishing for King Salmon Tips and Techniques

As mentioned earlier, catching a King Salmon on a fly rod is difficult – but not impossible.  Here are a few “tricks” to catching a King Salmon on a fly rod.

Catching a King Salmon on a fly rod begins with understanding a few, “How To Catch a King Salmon on a Fly Rod” concepts before you get to the water.

Understand how King Salmon move.  

King Salmon, as we know, are large fish.  They need room and like any large species; take the path of least resistance most times.

King Salmon lay low in the water and generally stay within 40′-50′ of the bank where the current is less strong. Assess the river and know where to cast.

When King Salmon come to Alaska they are not here to eat.

This is perhaps the hardest concept for out of state fisherman and fishing females to understand.

Yes, King Salmon will strike at eggs but they are doing so from agitation / reflex more than hunger. King Salmon are not in Alaska to eat they are here to spawn; you are going to have to annoy them.

Lines out of water don’t catch fish.  

Casting your fly rod is a great feeling but a better feeling is the indication of a strike.  Keep your line in the water as long as possible.  Your fly should “swim” and imitate a natural, organic matter.

Your fly jumping in and out of the water every 10 seconds will not fool anyone especially the elusive King Salmon. Find a spot on the river and work that specific area consistently.

Wait for it… wait for it…

Catching a King Salmon on a fly rod takes patience. Often times fish will make a pass, bump or nudge a fly before they actually strike.  Whenever I take people King Salmon Fishing for the first time they ask, “how will I know?”

When a King Salmon strikes your fly you will know – there will be no doubt about it.  Wait for the strike that really pulls you.  You are going to want to ensure the hook is deeply set for this fight and a tiny nudge will not do the trick.

That being said, because you never know when a King Salmon will strike your fly rod every cast could be “that cast” – be prepared.


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