Heidi Wild – a Brief Bio


Who is Heidi Wild, Custom Rod Builder and Fishing Guide?

I was born in Williams Lake, Canada and moved to the United States as a child. I spent my youth fishing all along the rivers of America’s North West.

When I was 18 I joined the United States Air Force (USAF). The USAF is what ultimately brought me to Alaska after being stationed in the Middle East. I am a female Veteran of the United States Armed Forces. In my career I served with some of the most remarkable men and women that our nation has the privilege to call the United States Military.

Most say that I am full of energy but the truth of the matter is… I just love to fish. I love all aspects of fishing from tying my own flies to building the best fly rods at affordable prices for anglers.

I hold my Coast Guard Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV or a.k.a Six Pack) license; am First Aid and CPR certified. I am a licensed fishing guide in the State of Alaska. I own and operate, Wild On the Fly – Custom Fresh and Saltwater Fly rods.

I am a graduate of the Sweetwater Travel Guide School. I am proficient in jet boat operations; streamside jet boat maintenance; drift boat operations; fly tying; fly casting and all aspects of freshwater fly fishing. I have several hours of training and certification in each of these fields of study.

When I moved to Alaska it didn’t take long before I began to extensively explore the South Peninsula and discover that some of the most die-hard anglers reside in the Last Frontier. If you’re wondering why Alaska is such a remarkable fishing destination all it takes is one trip to the Last Frontier to understand.

Alaska not only provides the largest outdoor playground in the United States, it is also a state whose residents abound with passion for the great outdoors. Amongst them are also some of the most compassionate, caring and considerate people and organizations.

I am honored and humbled to be a small part of two such organizations, Project Healing Waters and Women Listen.


Heidi Wild – Giving Back

Philanthropy And Community Outreach

As an active participant in “Project Healing Waters”, I spend time working with wounded veterans teaching them about fly fishing and fly tying. Working with Project Healing Waters and the leaders who make this project possible, is one of the reasons I remain so passionate about fly fishing.

Project Healing Waters helps wounded veterans learn the inner peace and sense of personal strength that comes from being on the water fishing.  The organization tries to provide a therapeutic outlet for wounded soldiers. 

Teaching wounded soldiers how to fish and taking them on such trips serves as my reminder each and every single day that any excuses I conjure up are invalid. They are my inspiration to Never Give Up.

I am truly inspired by my fellow volunteers who go to extraordinary lengths to promote this powerful healing experience. I have also had the privilege of working with “Women Listen” which is a group that promotes the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of women living with cancer.

Each year I embark on a journey into the pristine lakes in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley of Alaska for a weekend spent working with these incredibly strong and resilient women who live with cancer.

These weekends are spent with women connecting, learning and inspiring one another through emotional support and the laughter that comes from teaching someone to fly fish. Most of these women have seldom fished before and it is always a joy to see someone catch their first fish.  One of the biggest rewards of my life was helping a woman board a boat for the first time ever and catch her very first fish… at the age of 78.

These women promote a humbling sense of empowerment to all who have the privilege to know them and they are real life heroes dressed in waders and fishing vests, not adorning capes.

Heidi Wild – Fishing Guide

Fly Fishing Guide in Bristol Bay, Alaska

Heidi Wild is a guide for Bear Trail Lodge located in beautiful Bristol Bay, Alaska.  

Heidi works with anglers of every age, nationality, and background. 

The Lodge is home to some of the most pristine rivers and lakes in the country.  As most of the land in this area remains uninhabited, Heidi often accompanies guests on a private fly out trips so that they can fish in solitude and access places that no roads can lead to.

Heidi is often guiding from June – October.  If you’re interested in fishing with Heidi at the Alaska Sportsman Bear Trail Lodge you’re invited to reach email her at wildontheflyak@gmail.com 

Come learn what makes a day of fishing with Heidi Wild a memory that will last a lifetime! 

Heidi Wild – Custom Rod building

Custom Rod Building Work.

I have an incredibly sharp eye for attention to detail which makes the work I produce picture perfect. My secret flies, used amongst a handful of my closest friends, are known to produce immediate results along the rivers.

If you’re out along the river and happen to see me, please say hello. I am always eager to meet fellow fly fishermen and fly fisherwomen and might just leave you with a fly or two to try out.

My real artistic excellence can be seen on the custom made fresh and salt water fly rods that I build. My fly rods and custom poles showcase an old world artistic craftsmanship with a modern, polished beauty however; keep in mind that the fly rods and ice rods that I build are meant to be fished with. I do not build novelty fly rods.

I make functional fly rods for avid anglers. I build fly rods at affordable prices because I want every angler to experience the joy of fishing with a top of the line fly rod that is built specifically with them in mind. 

Wild on the Fly custom fresh and salt water fly rods has become known for catering to elite fisherman from all across the United States.  Once you have had the opportunity to fish with a custom made Wild on the Fly Fishing Rod you will never want to buy a manufactured fly rod again.

If you have questions for me please feel free to contact me and remember…

Tight Lines!