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All packages include airfare between Anchorage and the Lodge (A $575 Value)


2 nights 2 full days of fishing……   $3,675
3 nights 3 full days of fishing……   $5,275
4 nights 4 full days of fishing……   $6,375
5 nights 5 full days of fishing……   $7,650
6 nights 6 full days of fishing……   $8,595
7 nights 7 full days of fishing……   $9,250

Package Includes

Bear Trail Lodge provides package pricing for their Alaska Fishing Adventure so that when Anglers arrive in remote Alaska all of the details are taken care of.

Our luxury fishing packages include:

Chartered Aircraft

Bear Trail Lodge is located on the NakNek River in remote Alaska. This requires transportation via air craft. Once you arrive in Anchorage, Alaska you will be transported to Bear Trail Lodge via aircraft the flight is approximately 1 hour in length.

While the NakNek provides an abundance of fishing opportunities some anglers may prefer to access other river systems, smaller streams or tributaries while they stay with us. We provide fly-outs to these areas via chartered float planes.


Fly Rods and Spinning Poles in various weights and sizes. However, you are absolutely welcome to bring your own should you prefer to.

All flies, lures and tackle. We also provide our guests with an extensive fly tying work studio in our common area. As a guest, you have unlimited access to tying your own flies for the river as well as resourcing the knowledge of our guides who are advanced Fly Tyers and familiar with the local areas.

Wader Room. We provide our guests with access to a variety of Waders and Boots ideal for trekking along the trails in Alaska and compliant with all Fish & Game regulations. We have a variety of sizes to accommodate both men and women.


Your accommodations at Bear Trail Lodge include unlimited food and nonalcoholic beverages.

We staff an entire cooking team that prepares each meal and treat from scratch consistently throughout the day.

Breakfast is served continental style with a Chef on hand to prepare eggs, omelets or special requests. But we know Anglers want to hurry up and get on the water so we don’t waste time in the mornings.

Lunch is served in a variety of styles contingent on the anglers needs and suitability of the location ether gourmet soup and sandwich or a river side meal. If you spend the day in resting and enjoying the views, our chef’s will treat you to a lodge meal.

Dinner is served in our dinning hall overlooking the NakNek river every evening at 7:00 p.m. A good day fishing should end with a good meal. Our three course meals at Bear Trail Lodge are legendary and if you are lucky enough to join us on a Friday evening you can experience our fresh caught unlimited Alaskan King Crab legs.

Beer and Wine available throughout your stay at no extra charge.

*Food allergies? Our chef’s are happy to accommodate your diet and work towards your needs with proper notice.


Bear Trail Lodge accommodates up to 21 guests at maximum capacity. We prefer your experience to feel like the “Home” you never knew you missed before with the attention of our entire team ensuring that you are catered to. So, we keep the numbers small so the experiences can be big.

Each cabin is equipped with a private bathroom for your needs and don’t worry – at Bear Trail the water is always hot!

After a long day on the water, you’re invited to slip into our Hot Tub on a deck that is suspended 50’ in the air to provide uninterrupted views of the river and wildlife.

Not Fishing?

Yes, we have plenty of guests that stay with us for the experience rather than the fishing and we can tailor a day around sight seeing and wildlife.

Your Catch

If you are wanting to keep your fresh caught Alaskan Salmon our guides will filet each fish and professionally vacuum seal it.

Your catch is boxed for commercial transportation. When you leave, the team at Bear Trail will ensure that your box of fish (or boxes) are packed and ready for transportation on the airlines.

Staying over in Anchorage before heading home? That’s ok, the Ted Stevens International Airport provides on-site storage for fish for a fee. You can drop your fish off to remain frozen while you overnight in Anchorage and pick it up for your flight home.


Bear Trail is unique in that it makes an effort to employee Native and Local Alaskan fishing guides as a priority.

When you fish with one of our seasoned guides you have could have the opportunity to learn about the land and the indigenous people from guides that live in Alaska year round.

Unless otherwise specified or requested by our clients, we promote a 1:2 ration. One guide to two clients for optimal fishing experiences.

Ready to make your reservation?

1. Decide what species you want to fish for. Use our season guide on the this page to determine the time frame that particular species is most likely to return to the rivers.

2. Decide what dates you have in mind.

3. Call us as soon as possible:

Nanci Morris: 1-907-469-0622

Heidi Wild: 1-907-947-0698

4. Bear Trail will confirm your reservation via e-Mail and provide you with a packing list
for your big adventure.