Custom Built Fly Rods for Avid Anglers

Wild on the Fly builds custom fly rods designed by the acclaimed fishing guide, Heidi Wild.

Each Fly Rod is designed for the anglers specific needs and skill level.

From custom cork grips to unique reel seats, we build the most renown custom fly rods for anglers of every skill level.

Wild on the Fly  is the top selling custom fly rod studio in Alaska because of Heidi’s ease in understanding the needs of the anglers and which rods perform best.

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Fly Fishing is more than a passion… it’s our life. If you have questions about custom fly rods or are looking for fly rod recommendations Wild on the Fly can help.

Wild on the Fly can design and customize your fresh or saltwater fly rod in just a few days.  Our Anglers love the upgraded components that come with our custom fly rods as well as the ability to choose their thread colors and imprint options.

Having your personalized fly rod built by Wild on the Fly also ensures that you will be river ready when it comes to fishing for your preferred species.

Across the globe Wild on the Fly has helped guide anglers to selecting the perfect fly rod for their preferred style of fishing.

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Custom Fly Rods for Avid Anglers

What we love to see is people fishing!

What we do not like to see is people confused by the abundance of market choices and mixed reviews.

That is why we streamline the process of buying a fly rod so that you can spend less time wondering if you have purchased the right rod and more time with a line in the water.

Know exactly what you want: we will build it.

Do not have a clue? We will help. You tell us what you want to fish for and we will tell you what you need.

Why Wild on the Fly?


Here, you save time, energy and money in your search for the best quality fly rods available.

Our experts will build you a custom fly rod made to order.  Our Rod Builders design a fly rod that will suit your needs no matter what part of the world that you are fishing in.

When you have decided which type of fly rod you would like hand built you will take comfort in knowing that you have purchased  a fly rod that has already been rigorously tested by anglers in extreme weather conditions.

Our anglers have put hundreds of fly rods in multiple states, under some of the most strenuous fishing conditions to the test.

When we are testing out a fly rod our goal is to set aside “marketing hype” and look for functionality.

We want to know what fly rod works best if we are:

  • Fly Fishing in Western Alaska;
  • Fly Fishing in South Central Alaska;
  • Fly Fishing in Canada;
  • Fly Fishing in Washington;
  • Fly Fishing in Oregon;
  • Fly Fishing in Minnesota or,
  • Fly Fishing in the United Kingdom

Whether it is 8 degrees outside or 58 degrees and you’re fly fishing in wind, rain and any other element trying to defy you, we want the performance of the fly rod in your hand to be your last concern.

If you are a beginner fly fisherman or fly fishing woman and don’t know what fly rod to buy do not waste your money buying the wrong fly rod.  This will only result in your having to buy the right one later. Let us help guide you in the right direction.

If you’re looking to buy a fly rod as a gift, but don’t know how, look no further.  Our experienced custom rod builder(s) can ensure they design a fly fishing rod that is sure to please any angler and be hassle-free on your part.

The best fly fishing rods are built by the most experienced rod builders taking in several considerations that an assembly line simply can’t.

We start with using top of the line fly rod brands that are tried and true AND still uphold reasonable warranties, such as:

Next, we take into consideration what species of fish you will be fly fishing for.  For example it is important to know if you need a custom:

We also have a wonderful line of custom ice fishing rods for those die hard anglers who like to fish in winter conditions. Our ice fishing rods are perfect for winter Pike fishing as they are upgraded with reinforced support.

Next, we will assess what geographical areas that you’re most likely to use your custom made fly fishing rod.

Wind, climate and other factors play a role in deciding which fly rod is best.

Fly rods come in various “action” specifications which help compete against the elements and how far you need to cast:

  • Slow Action Fly Rods
  • Medium Action Fly Rods
  • Fast Action / Ultralight  Fly Rods

With these main factors in mind, we will help steer you towards ordering the perfect fly rod.

The final decision is perhaps the easiest one of all to make: choose your thread colors and personalized message you want on your fly rod and we do the rest.

Still not certain?  Contact our expert.